no one values the true value of privacy.

everything must be revealed by Hungryeyes and fickle hearts

that say I told you so! 

what hiding in plain sight does 

what observations must be preserved 

what feelings must be spared 

in a 'must know' state of being 

I'm putting you on a need-to-know basis 

because, I am being who I really am.

as opposed to the facade that I live, 

in real space and time. 

To be free in the constraints of anonymity 

what wonderousness it affords 

right big brother? 



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allets's picture

Big Brother

is nosey mostly. We are so data conscious, everyone is collecting data and analyzing stats. Anonymity has value indeed. Facades are coverings, the essential nature of the wall is hidden. Nice write - slc




word_man's picture

you are absolutely right !

you are absolutely right !