Disatisfiedly ever after.

Rejection plays on my mind

Could you be so simple as to ignore the not so subtle clues?  

It's falling away anyway

It seems youre happy to just let it die

Prioritising mundane excuses.

There's always something else

You put so much effort in the wrong areas

I wish you'd just give up and admit it

I'm right about what it is I need

How could I not be?

Taking things for granted we"re both guilty of

But I'd trade all of it to go back to when 

The stars shone in our eyes and dreams were possible

When passion and desire flooded our senses

To be honest I just want to play hard to get 

And you to have the confidence to get what you want 

Without giving up.

I want to dissappear for a while

To have the chance to miss you 

Instead I find myself drifting away

Lost in my imagination 

Writing impossible love stories

That end magnificantly-

Unlike our slow mundane crawl to oblivion.





I wish you could be moved by some other worldly passion


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allets's picture

The Reality

of love that is perpetually renewed as if first times were every time - like this poem. Excellent pacing - slc

Don't think you need the extra spaces at the bottom though. - slc