Love Speak

The language of love 

Is not intricate,

not the tracings of love notes in the sand 

Nor the filigree in the swirls of seduction

The fine details of romance soon fade 

These are subterfusions 

For withering hopes 

The language of love 

Is honest and raw 

As painful as it is sublime 

Holds no words 

And tells no lies 

Tethers gently while letting go 

And for us,


Because we don't speak anymore. 

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

so much truth!

and it's so carefully shared.  it contains so much information in so few words.  i don't know how you did it!!!

allets's picture

A Great Take

on the evolution of a relationship. Why most of them fail ~Stella~




bishu's picture

Agreed SS

Love gives more pain than happiness