If you eat bullshit long enough you aquire a taste for it

Your betrayal hit me in the face 

Stung like vinegar on scratches 

Yours More so,

because It came right off another one i was dealing with

I guess that's how it is with everyone.

It's OK it's just me. I'll be fine, I'll get over it

Well, fuck you! 

What if I don't want to get over it? 

What the fuck then? 

You gonna burn them like you do me?

I guess I should be asking 'when's' the fuck over not 'if'.


I'm tired of the bullshit.  

I'm tired of spelling it out for you 

I tired of you not reading the signs 

Suckling up to fuckheads who couldn't give a fuck 

Wiping your feet on me

Without a thought. 

Screw you.

Fuck off

Same old fuck ups 

Same old inconsiderate cunt 

Pick a fucking side and wake the fuck up!

As if they even gave a fuck

about anything important in your life?


I told you I'm fucking done 

Thanks for your support.

Yeah, that was sarcasm 

So man the fuck up! 

Or would you like a spoon?

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allets's picture

"...man the fuck up..."

A slogan that should be broadcast throughout the land, all lands. Nice put down - I believe in the unredeemable. It took a lot of pains and a lot of sweat to finally figure that one out. ;D - slc xoxoxo