I'm riding the quench of satisfaction from this morning's love war

Your proclamations were louder and skillfully addressed 

Mine as quiet as they were have you in a choke hold 

Dreaming of the more that is to come 

And I lay simply astounded at the way you've  conquered me 

With a threatening whisper almost three words long...



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Moonshadow's picture

I dread most three word sentences

Positive or negative I never know quite how to respond. Loved this. 

Dont look for me, I'll find you ~Moonshadow

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

so much mystery

leaves me wondering about all the things you didn't say

allets's picture

Crisp & Edgy

describes your focus, your view of relationship. I adore the candor and the revelations you make in each poem. Thanks for such wonderful insight and fine penning besides - yrs in writing, Stella