Limitless (scribblenaughts & swoon theories)

The stars part

The comets hail our victory over the death of love 

Galaxies cartwheel 

The fanfares of supernovas herald our impending union 

Finally after tracing each trail of ether humming your frequency, 

Looking under and over every last hope 

Twisting into one dimension after the next 

To feel this indefinable moment of chasing so close now,

Through everlasting travels to find eacother over uncountable millenia,  

Infinite universes with nothing but a burning desire to find you 

Tracing the whispers left as webs  crossing the universe

Drawing the constellations marking our tribulations,

And declarations of love with glittered lines

As signs to bring you closer, 

As answers to your own markings 

To show you where I've been, 

Where i'm going,

Like notes in the sand.

Only the lines got crossed and the countless glyphs so many

In desperation became scribblenaughts

And my desperate hope to find you an endless exercise in swoon theories;

All leading to this one true moment when I hold you in my gaze 

Will you remember me for what the whole universe is now 



I'm here, 

I'm on your frequency,

In your atmosphere


Please say you remember me?




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KindredSpirit's picture

Really like this

I wrote something just about the same time

As when you wrote this and the main theme

Was Limitless.

I was thinking about that new show

When I wrote it.

I actually like that show.

Now you....

Took it somewhere else.

The writer you are


mrpoofs's picture

This is rediculously

This is rediculously beautiful. So elegant yet so intense at the same time. Awesome!

Morningglory's picture


This one produced some nice visuals for me.  Lovely, Ssmoothie!

Copyright © morningglory

allets's picture

Universe Waltzing

On such travels you will meet like spirits of the journey. Surely such encounters will be remembered. Enjoyed lot - needed a vacation xoxox - A -