another dooms day prep

Prepping for another cold spell,

silent ice storms lay a glacial landscape.

It seems i've become adept at skating on thin ice.

Im building ice towers in ice castles waiting for you to let it go

Its not the first time you've been wrong

or assasinated my character in love.

A seasonal expectation.

But is this is all we have?  

All we know?

You hide from me

in the blizzards

you call forth.

Its an arrangement of numbers,

factors, that hold you to this place

this and the three pillars of patience

we built from better days,

before our hearts were opened

to the harsh truth.

I see ice in your eyes,

you want to see diamonds.

I'm the extraneous part

of your love predicament.

You pull away,

you cant pretend.

I know more than you think

I feel more than you know 

The same is true for you. 

Neither of us dare to say it out loud

in some comforting way

there must be something left to salvage?

Just in case 

I'll close the door a while.

Frostbite on the edges of my heart.

Not enough warmth to go around.

You'll thaw in good time,

as you do.

A little cooler than you were before maybe...  


But will i? 

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KindredSpirit's picture

I just love this for what

It is.

But to me it was more of an

One on one relationship

But i am reading on a 3 inch screen

Moving words around.

But i love the poem

And wrote something because of it

You are an inspiration


When i see

I want to reply

It is a natural movement

Before the lips catch up

To the mind

For you


Dovely you like ?