being false to my self

sitting and thinking, wondering, no blinking

i try to figure, this problem inside,

standing and pacing, my heart always racing

i try to dig up the things that i hide

the point that im making, there's no point in faking

no need to be stressing, for someone's impression

be who you are, its who your ment to be

and when you do that, well then your cool with me


the seeing is easy, to do makes me queasy


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Thank you my friend

I love this one mate and as you know, they are words I need to remind myself of regularly! When I read it, it's hard to believe when you wrote this one we hadn't met. You've given me tons of good advice but this little poem is some of the best!

Andrew Oxford

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my friend you have everything

my friend you have everything going for you a very speical person, dont let anybody try change you, and thank you for your comment..... RESPECT

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Sqawking Fine

Nice verse, finding yourself in poetry - cool. ~~Lady A~~