Arguing To Make Peace


My words are unconsidered and well thought out

Exercise regularly and do nothing at all

Hurry yourself up but remember to waste time

Don't show displeasure I say as I pout

Anonymity is key, that's what I, Holly, boast

Eat healthily while stuffing your face

Act for the occaision and be a disgrace

I am my worst enemy and my best friend too

Keep it to yourself but tell everyone in sight

I am moving forwards in reverse

Raise the barriers but leave them down

Close the door but keep it open

I fear the fact that I am fearless

It's built for a purpose - to be useless

I'm too good at being bad

Want you to tell me but I don't want to know

I know this is hard but really it's easy

I'm arguing to make peace in my head

I'm arguing to make peace in my head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to and inspired by Lu :)

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Claidun Acsul's picture

Eeeeeeeeeee! Holly loves me! She wrote me a poem! YAY!! Thnkyou dudette
Much love