Self Destruct


I'm a drama queen

Tunnel vision teen

The one causing a scene

My angst I scream

Caffeine machine

Full frontal obscenity

A loss of identity

I have the audacity

Whatever I want to be

Not afraid of being me

I'm a deceiver

Peer pressure believer

Untruth conceiver

Always pick neither

Carbon dioxide breather

Highly-strung fatality

Without a personality

Longing for immortality

Technically an abnormality

Stuck in this unreality

I'm a rebel distortion

Of the biggest proportion

The partial abortion

Best kind of contortion

Doubled over extortion

I'm a perfect error

An unearthly terror

Revealing to your horror

The non-reflective mirror

There�s simply nothing rarer

Anti-social disaster

Coated in thick plaster

Got to be moving faster

Deadly serious blaster

My mind is my only master

I'm the one you love to despise

Hidden well beneath this disguise

Decisions made and choice unwise

Long goodbyes as someone close dies

For the one who secretly cries

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It started out as a poem but I think it much more suits a song. I don't know if it all makes sense, I'm in a funny mood!

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Chai D's picture

I like this! Tis great! Yeah it fits a song well too!!
I like the format of each stanza, with the rhyme, i think that gives it the better rhythm for a song.
I like 'Whatever I want to be,
Not afraid of being me'

I think its a good message!