Please Don't Feed The Addiction


A day at the zoo

On her lonesome

Had nothing to do

So she thought

What the hell

So many animals

Big and small all

In fancy cages

With all sorts

To do inside them

And with so much food

She wandered and

Wandered until almost

Closing time when it

Came to her attention

There was a cage

With no one around


It was dirty and it

Looked as if it wasn't

Taken care of

She felt saddened so she

Walked on over and

Peered in to see

A ball of fluff

It had no food

No equipment to play with

She crouched down

And put out her hand

It looked up slowly

And crept over

Sniffed gently

In an instant she

Was sucked in by it's

Mysterious cuteness...

Unfortunately she had

Missed an important detail

A little sign on the cage

This could have stopped her

It read

'Please don't feed the addiction'...

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rawr, found my fave, i love this one so much *thumbs up*