Natural Instincts


Rain doesn't fall

I never understand

This statement

The raindrops are

Playing games, the

Winner is the one

That reaches the

Ground first

Or the one that

Makes the biggest


A tree doesn't whisper

I never understand

This statement

But if they did

They would tell you

How they were doing,

What they had done

In their many years

And maybe tell you

Some little secrets

Of their own.

A cave echoes

I never understand

This statement

It's really a place

Where you are


Don't need to hide

Who you really are

Underneath it all,

So friendly

It always replies

When you talk.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not sure if this is finished....but its quite pretty to read ^__^

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Gemini Llama-Wolfbane's picture

it *is* v.pretty to read, i like the way it looks and stuff. has a nice sorta flow to it. let me know if you add more or decide its finished!