Environmental Disease


Emerald fields

Stretch across to the end

Of the Earth

Or so I pretend

We have destroyed it

This Earth we were gifted

I'm sure it will take a lot

For feelings of guilt to be lifted

We pollute it

We build on top of it

We don't care for the consequences

Don't give a shit

So give a thought

To mother nature

The one and only

Natural creator.

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Lee Ferrell's picture

Indeed, the anguish Gaia has held
so deep in her heart from the unyielding
murder our kind have unknowingly spread
upon the living mother wherein all things
holy are born to thrive and yet to find
a poisoned story and reality thought to
be the only holiness possible because we have
been lied to with such relentless purpose
like concrete upon new grass, like diesel
fumes upon the sweet wet morning air,
like speed and violence filling our every
moment - 'o how my heart aches for the little
ones who must inherit all this...;
Dear Gaia forgive us, for they know not what they
have ever done....

Thank you for the courage to create these words.