The Amethyst Dream Catcher


An amethyst dream catcher

Frantically shovelling the dirt

Was she Digging a grave?

The mud clinging to her skirt

Picked up the black bin bag

And threw it in with rigor

Lent down and picked up the gun

Gently she caressed the trigger

Returned to the clouds

All muddied and bruised

Hid that gun away

The one she had used?

They found that black bag

Only a few days had passed

It was full of bad dreams

That came out with a blast

So where did she find them?

Why did she have a pistol?

I have no answers for you

But the amethyst turned to crystal!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

so...not 100% sure whether i am happy with the ending...and i might extend the pome a little, but this was fun to do.

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