Questioning the Love


What is your dream date?

I already had it,

We walked along the beach

Barefoot. Surrounded

By the darkness of night

And the gentle tide.

It was just you and me,

No one else mattered.

We couldn't see, but that

Didn't matter.

You were cold so I held

You tight.

We kept eachother warm.

Sounds nice, perfect even, are you still with the person that you shared this with?

No they found another,

One more perfect for them

I guess. I don't really

Like to talk about it,

Upsetting still.

Oh, ok sorry. Would you ever consider sharing this with someone else?

Of course....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was asked these questions the other day by a really nice guy in my graphics class. We said the exact words you see in there.

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