Sunlight Lady

Sunlight Lady

Well you took me by surprise

And I want to see your face again

And my reflection in your eyes

Sunlight Lady

I can still taste your lips

And I can never forget the way that you smile

And that's why I tell you this

One night of magic

Can never be replaced

By a hundred years of gathering fortunes

Or all the stars in space

Sunlight lady, won't you make it alright

Gypsy woman, won't you make it alright

And who knows what happens next

Cause surly I can't see

The only thing that stands between us

Is geography

Your hair is like a sunrise

And it's burning through my nights

Don't let that sun set down on me

Won't you make it alright

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allets's picture

I love this line

"...the only thing that stands between us/Is geography..."
Nice lyric (was listening to Gypsy Woman by the Impressions a few days ago - a nostalgic moment). Enjoyed this write. mellow, mellow, mellow ~Lady A