Force a Smile


My heart hits the floor

again and again

and still I don’t know what this means

Why am I here if I

can’t get anywhere

besides where I’ve planted my feet


My roots are down

my seed is firm

It can’t get up and fly

To another city

another ground

I’ll have to be content

to stare at this sky


I just

Force a smile

again and again

Hoping this mask won’t break down

And if you see through me

then bring on the rain

I’m tired of holding it in


The slightest touch will break my skin

the hands I hold are splintering

Catastrophe is lingering

on the edge of this endless road


Your simple look back

will shatter me

I’ll cry with you

until you believe

All this time

I’ve been forcing a smile


One sweet shock

between two fingertips

will unlock my façade

And I wish you had tried

to get me to stay

so much sooner

before I said it all


And tomorrow I will start again

with a clean slate

But I don’t have a choice

I will still

force a smile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/17/14

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