Over the river

you’re laughing

I can hear it,

the sounds of starting again

I can hear it,

the shards of a broken mirror

I can hear it,

the forever that was lost

I can

miss yesterday


I’m the only one

who can tell you

how it feels

I’m the only one who

misses yesterday


Why don’t you

I don’t know why

Didn’t you ever

Feel the forever

Didn’t you ever

want that perfect mirror to last


I don’t know why

I want to kick myself

I want to break out in tears

I want to run up the stairs

I want to run back down

I want to trace the whole world

Back to its beginnings

I want to say your name backwards

Laugh backwards

Love backwards

Live backwards

for the rest of time


I don’t know why

I want to love you like you once loved me

I want to conquer the world

I want to apologize again

I want to do all the things

I should have done…



it’s the only way to live

No decisions,

only facts

Watching them unfold

retracing the past


Animals descend the ark backwards

Clouds are once again filled with rain…

I unwrite this story

words pulled back into my pen

And no one has ever read it


or ever will again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/21/13

Inspired by Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer- if you're going to read anything, READ THIS BOOK. I beg of you.

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KindredSpirit's picture

She showed me it

Real good to see.

Backwards  /  I want.

Have to Agree.

That's what you get

On the 89th read.


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2 much! Enjoyed the absolute touchability of your poetry. I actually saw the ark and the animals exiting backwards - and the ink returning to the pen - and I laughed right out through my teeth with delight ~A~




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Ha! Enjoyed this read Very

Ha! Enjoyed this read Very much.  Backwards... 

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