My love is like the great sea deep

and full of tenderness,

but as the sea my wrath are waves

of scorn when love dies within me.

The tears I cry become rivers of

lament, and black as the spirit of

darkness when my confidence is


heat from my heart when embraced

feels like a home full of joy and

humbleness, but also as the flames

of hell burning everything I despise

to die.

I am nobody's puppet!

To those who play with my sentiments

will feel the heat of my rage and like

the claws of an eagle I will gouge their

eyes, turning to look at them and say,

"See how stupid you look when you

decided to take me for less.”

If at any moment I am despised for the

love I give and teach is because jealous

are those whom do not want to love or

respect those who can.

The saying goes "It is better to forgive

and not forget," when love dies within me,

I do not forgive and forget the existence

of the wicked, and my friendship is a

blessing that many want to uphold, yet I

am realizing that many smiles are

pokerfaced who think that I don’t have the

ace in the sleeve of my shirt.

I'm not an asshole!

But I will keep my respect for now,

because when the tremors are over that is

when I will spill my punishment upon those

who were not true,

"Kneel wicked and kiss my feet."

You belong to me now!  ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't test me!!

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Awesome!! I loved it! ;)

Awesome!! I loved it! ;)

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