People do not dream like they use too…
many have lost the will to dream and now
live in 3D; fascinated by imitation and not

Digital communication; free-hand written
letters are obsolete-‘WORD’ is the program
used to create templates; saving time,
killing creativity…

Engineers used to create blueprints by hand,
today they input measurements and a
computer simulates a design, which takes
less imagination from an engineer’s mind-

Safety is not an issue; conserving time has
become the world’s priority, lazy boy recliners
and universal remotes are standard in most
reading books on Kindles destroy the fire of
imagination; I still enjoy books with covers!

Soon there will be no use for the Postal
Service or delivery carriers; emails and ‘will-
calls’ will serve you better-

Instagrams are today’s Polaroid…instantly
delivering the latest Kodak moment- for
everything we do, “there is an app for that.”

A New born comes with laptops and cell
phones by the age of five…conversations are
now known as tweets; 150 characters or less
to get a point across.

The yellow pages are still used to find an
address, business, or person online, if you’re
missing someone you haven’t seen in years,
they probably have a Facebook account.
"That’s the best way you can find me!"

Sarcasm cannot be deciphered in a post, so
everyone is wondering, “Is he talking about me.”
I am still creative and imaginative by nature;
I write my poems in a book for records, and then
rewrite them on my laptop, like this piece…

I may be ol’ school, but I am hip with the times…
”I got to go now, my Smartphone is ringing.”

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I agree in totality.

I agree in totality. Technology is going to be the death of creative and inquisitive society as we know it. Perhaps something greater will be born out of the ashes, perhaps not. But is is immovable slide to chaos we covet in tis race to new trinkets to change our spheres.

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Wonderful write! We're two

Wonderful write! We're two branches of the same tree, two chords of the same song, or whatever analogy you'd like. Give me pen and paper keep your computer, (ironic saying that here) keep your tablets I'd rather turn the pages myself, and keep your social networks I'll talk to others face to face. I'm only twenty but at times feel much older, like an old soul.

Thanks for sharing really an excellent poem.

Long days and pleasant nights