Daniela; Your Quinceañera Poem

Every now and then a princess is born,
with time the princess becomes a Queen
of hearts.
She grows into a beautiful woman, who
is desired by many, but she only gives her
heart to those trustworthy of her love.
She is more than a friend, and will be there
for her loved ones, when they need her the
She is gentle, humble, and full of joy. When
she cries, her tears are diamonds that shine
Her passion for life is full with family memories,
which she will always cherish.
She is more beautiful than the stars above,
her smile is radiant like the sun, and gentle like
the moon.
Her ambition is to succeed, take care of her
family, and enjoy every moment she spends
with friends.
The princess I know, is becoming a Queen, she
took my heart the minute I saw her.
I am blessed to say that this young lady is my
family, my dearest cousin, which I love from the
bottom of my heart and miss daily.
She is in my thoughts everyday, I wish I could
be there with you my dear, hold you close and
tell how much I love you and how proud I am
to have met you, and say...
"That beautiful lady you see there, she's the
Queen of my heart and everyone else in our
Today the princess that was born 15 years ago,
is becoming a Queen...becoming a young woman!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my cousin Daniela Merino!

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