ghost tale

Ghost In My Attic

Ghost In My Attic


Silent footsteps walking down the hall


I can feel them they make no sound at all


I can hear them whispering right outside the door


I’ve heard their voiceless voices many times before


I turn the doorknob and open the door real slow


There is no one there oh where did they go


Oh their in the attic now I can hear their sound


Why must they always drag those chains around?


"Hey be quiet up there I don’t like what I hear"


Why in my heart are they always trying to strike fear?


"Why can’t you just go to wherever you belong?"


"Don’t you know it is time for you to move along?"

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"I didn't know you were coming,
I would've taken time to look my
best, if I would've known."

"No worries, I am here now, did
you miss me?"

"Of course son we missed you!"
"You know we love you son."

"Is that why you send me to the
white hotel for a vacation?"

"Yes dear, you need it some time
to relax. How do you feel?

"I don't know, you tell me?
"You know for play time I couldn't
play, because the men is white
put a jacket on me that was too
tight, so I sat there and talked
with my friend Esmeralda."

"Who is Esmeralda?"

"She's the little girl that died in
the white room; she said the
men in white killed her."
"Esmeralda is here right now
dad, say Hi."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a tale of deceit!!

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Lady in Blue

There's a lady in blue, in the shadows of the room
and there are teardrops in her eyes
She's alone, and so lonely. Longing for the only
love that she has known in her life.
Drowning in sorrow, but no hope for tomorrow
not knowing what to do
So they call her the lady in blue.

Now if you watch her you will notice
she will move in a moment, and dance to her favorite tune
She won't have a partner, but that's never stopped her
as she turns every head in the room.
They watch her as she's swaying to the music thats playing
and like a mist in the wind she will fade
Softly singing a sad serenade

Oh Liam come home, they say you have gone
With the angels to heaven above
But you wouldn't have left without saying goodbye
Come back to me Liam my love.

They say his life ended, when his carriage descended
to the bottom of Walker's Ravine
When they brought back his body, she ran away sobbing
and was never again to be seen
Until a hundred years later, in the shadows of the room
You will see her the lady in blue
You can hear her as she sings him the tune..

Oh Liam come home....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this, as a song about 10 yrs. ago..Love to write

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