Here I am

Here I am...while the world decays and war games
are played-

Here I am, before you...warm and cozy just like
you, while the homeless are freezing their asses
off tonight for sure!

Here I am, strong and mighty, while millions are dying
of hunger...all I can do is pity them because I have
nothing more to offer-

Here I am, sheltered and protected while violence
runs a mock throughout the city; anyone of us can be
the next victim-

Here I am..."But wait!" A woman just go raped,
another person died, a newborn baby...."Should I
stop now?" I don't think your feeling me!!! "Should I
talk about sex and pussy and how I like to eat it!
Fuck That!!

Here I am, trying too stay healthy, while children being
fed McDonald for breakfast...parents wondering why
their children are unhealthy-

Here I am, loving the spoken word, feeling your
attention, but it's not about you or me, it's about the
dedication to this unity...for some of you this is
entertainment; a date night...don't fight the feeling!

For me this is my spirit and soul, my life, I can't give
you less only more...aging like fine wine, only getting

Here I am, working for my meal ticket, while corrupt
minds manipulate the misinformed, overnight millionaires;
hence, our economic downfall-

Here I am, standing tall, when I leave this place is back
to reality, survival mode mentality...Here I am, just like you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Here we are!!

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Nice melodies inside. You poetry is emersion and fusion in form. ~~ violence, run-a-muck~~ is like quiet-is-kept, one word form yet poetic license gives you runs a muck - A