Synthesizer Music; Animals are Free

The rush through your veins like cocaine,
a numb theory;
the music is the rhythm of the soul...
get lost in a note, find yourself in the next
verse, or at the end of the song-
Some enter a trance; synthesizer music
controls the animals running free.
The animals are you and me, given
too much freedom, speaking out of line...
"the pigs in the sky are pink,
the clouds are Zeppelins ablaze; music I can
relate too.
I am selfish, I don't wish you were here
enjoying this music with rest of the animals;
they came before me...
Can you hear time catching up to your feet
with every synthesized beat that echoes
throughout the spirit of joy this music brings;
A lady starts to sing, mellows, yells,
sings again, then mellows out in tune.
Your mind is tranquil by the sound of her
angelic voice, which, brings you to a peaceful
settlement as you warm your bones by
the fire; you come to a conclusion...
Animals don't have souls.

to be continued....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Animals with to much freedom!

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Soulless Animals

There is jazz and r&b and the jazz like leroi - you float on the notes - the singer is the song (how u do that?) - life joy juxtaposed against metaphorical animals - nice penning - allets