The Last Letter

I haven’t written to you lately, not that I have forgotten about you,
I never will.
Been busy living someone else’s life…I know that’s wrong, but no one
else can live it better.
“How have you been?” “Hope all is well!”
“Did you get my last letter I wrote to you?” It said, “I love you.”
“Are you upset with me?” because, I've been distant, disconnected
from reality…my mind wonders here and there, at times without a home.
You are always my home away from home, your heart is my address,
no pre-paid postage to get to you…I miss you, wherever you may be,
smile once in a while so I can feel your warmth.
Sometimes I think I smell you in the air, but it’s only the memory of your
scent imprinted in my mind-
“Do you still look the same?” When we first met you were on your way
to the top, success, and love. You’re probably there now, I don’t blame
you if you’ve forgotten about me…at times, I forget about me too.
When I find myself, I don’t know where I am.
My thoughts are with you on my voyage back home, somewhere.
I sit here writing to you, like I’ve done many times before;
however, for some reason, I feel this will be my last letter to you.
The person who’s life I’m living wants it back!! It’s borrowed time, not mine.
I would have loved to met you in person, but as poetry you are in anyone
and everyone, you are everything that is everything in me…
I still breathe you in, giving me life energy for a new day, even if today is
my last day. With all my heart, I sign, seal, and deliver this letter to you...
wherever you may be.


The Lost Poet

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You are everywhere...

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