From your heart...

I speak poetry from the heart
with metaphors to decipher-
I mesmerize at the greatness
of life-
The artistic are the chosen-
many of us die before our time,
too young to die-
I am poetry, I am life, I am
death...I am the dream that
keeps on living long after I
Take this dedication to the
Sticks and stones will never
break me- I am 100% concrete-
Do not deceit me, you will fear
me, hear my footprints while
you read this- in your proverbial
mind, the Psalms you quote, I
This is my afterlife, I been here
before, and when I die again,
your spirit I will slain, rehearsing
my scriptures in your heart,
becoming a prophet of my words...
then you will know my legend
reborn in you, my disciple speaking
my poetry from your heart...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My poetry will flow through you...

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Re: From the heart...

Please continue to leave your mark on the world, as usual it is a pleasure reading your poetry.

SoulKritiC's picture

Thank you

I appreciate the time you take to read my work...thank you!!