A forbidden dream, pleasure with a measure...
kisses with pain slain the passion-
to crash into me is your suicide, this yearning
will not cease...
More than a sin; can we trust the heart?
Blind lips, deaf eyes, mute ears...
Meanings have no saying, love is a four letter
word for hurt-
Secrets behind close doors are between us
and the four walls of your bedroom...
Tender is the touch with no regret!
When dawn sneaks through the window, I
exit through the back door of your desires...
Your lover is coming home, creeping in your
dreams, convincing you that I don't exist-
Days are torture without you, when night falls
my prayers are answers to miracles...
I roam the halls of your memories like a ghost,
searching to escape the hell we created-
Tender are the lips of death when ravished!
Your nakedness is my temple, forever praise
you, inseparable, malignant lovers. I only
come inside in dreams, sleep my child await
your master, the blood of your birth canal is
rich, piquant...savoring!
Planting the seed that will reap me- tell your
lovers you will never love them like you love
me; when you awake, I will no longer be, I
never was, but your dream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was only your dream.

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RE: Tender

It reminded me of one of the poems I shared with you. A lot of varied emotion in this poem, I enjoyed it.