Jacob's Ladder Broke; wearing Joseph's technicolor dreamcoat

Sleepy pills, upon a rock I lay my head to rest, stealing
Joseph's Dreamcoat, my technicolor dream world...
Grey skies, a mystic river-
Jesus told me I could walk on water, but I wept instead!
An Octopus dream, thugs try to kill me...my city streets
are empty-
The mirage on the wall of the corner liquor store reflects
two happy couples, children, and a new born...one of
the children, little Aj has no eyes-
Writing on the wall reads: "El Pulpo Oval"
(The Oval Octopus)
Herb's drinking a beer, relaxing in his lawn chair,
enjoying the afternoon sun as the mayhem unfolds...
I walk up to him and give him a hug; "I miss you brother,"
he says. "I miss you too carnal," I replied-
I walk away with a tear. He died 15 years ago! A murder
on Elm street! Non-fiction pulp-
Paper bullets ricochet off my chest. My younger brother
tells me, "I got this."
To my left 12 virgins await a virgins holocaust-
To my right the devil wears a blue dress with a woman's
face and body of a snake-
In the middle a ladder ascends to the heavens above...
my journey begins on the first step; the color of my sins
weigh upon my dreamcoat...my climb is ponderous!
Each step up oppresses time, reaching heaven's door;
before I knock, I tumble- Jacob's ladder broke.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Multiple dreams...

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