Secrets of a Murder

Suicide to the naked eye,
miserable to the last 'sigh'...
A murder she wrote in a note,
her final attempt to be heard.
She wept as death entered
her soul.
No signs of foul play, just a
broken spirit in a lifeless body
hanging from the wall of
dilated memories evaporated
by relinquish moments never
harvest in my heart.
"Oh, God, can you reverse
the hands of time? so I can
nurture her thoughts and
embrace her heart like two
lovers should."
Ignorance is not bliss when
you can foresee the outcome
of your negligence.
She said, "I love you," before
I left. I replied, "I know you do."
and vaguely walked out the
Embraced in another woman's
arms, only to return in the
morning to discover my secrets
of a murder...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be true to the one that really loves you...

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