Rain and Poetry

Let the fire simmer and the wine chill...
Listen to the rain make music as it falls,
see the trees sway back and forth like
your hips by the fireplace...
No one is home, only you and I!!
The apple of your eyes reflect the flame
from my soul,
you come closer to hold you close...
Each rain drop is a melody with a
different beat, when you are near me my
heart skips three beats and only your
kiss brings me back to life.
Love birds in the trees keep warm with
their wings, come underneath my wings
for internal heat...
Let me caress your naked body by the fire,
I'll begin with a kiss around your navel....
you shiver but not cold,
excited because I'm about to explore
your body and more.
Toast!! to you and me,
as we age like fine wine!!
Listening to the rain while we make the music...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let's make the music...

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