Her love

Well, it was there

Blanketing him

With comfort

A warming

For his soul

...her love

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I Never Had A Blankey

but there's still time. Mellow music in this one - mellow.



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A blankey. You are never too

A blankey. You are never too old to have one. 

Mellow yellow...

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sweet,sweet love,we all crave

sweet,sweet love,we all crave it

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sweet sweet love

tastes so good

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like a favorite blankee

like a favorite blankee

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I use to drag one of those around. Called it Guckie.

It had a silky trim which I would rub between my thumb and forefinger. Still to this day, anything with that silkiness, mostly the inside of jacket sleeves, I still rub between my thumb and forefinger. Your comment made me think of it and giggle. Lost it around 4 or 5 yrs old but will always remember. :)



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