Sun, moon, stars

Clouds hold the power

For they can hide

All of them


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At times, they cry

quenching tongues left dry

by the scorn of sun's burning eye

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Mountains make clouds

Sun kisses ground

Moisture is found

Misting itself

Lifting in cloud


Filling sky

Hovering by

As close to sun

Far and wide


Tears would fall 

As realized

The blaze itself

Was far too high


Washing drops

Soaked from a dream

Of meeting sun

While making steam








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Cloud Power



comes as the sun

melts iced over



Clouds turn to rain

or move on

like fog.


The moon at full,

as always,

just smiles.






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they can,and they do

they can,and they do

ron parrish

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We appreciate them even when we want for more sunshine. The great thing is, the clouds like to move and then sun tends to shine through eventually. 

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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But in the long run, the sun

But in the long run, the sun will win out.

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Partly cloudy forecast

Hopefully they will keep a balance and not fight for a win. They are better as partners working together to support life. 

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