He raised his price to 43

I cannot help myself

from listening to his messages

They're always kinda spot on


He's up'ed his price though

and I have still not paid


Just not really sure who it is

amongst us who is really

this so called "enemy"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ain't no random stranger audio recordings getting my card number . 

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I Am The Man On The Phone

Not really, but $30.00 seems fair - :D



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The price was increased to 44 x 2 +20. Lol. I'm really screwed now...

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lol,you can trust me

lol,you can trust me

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Are you?

Are you the voice of the man on the phone? Cuz it really sounds more like my friend, Chris. 

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You gotta learn how to

You gotta learn how to haggle.  Don't go any higher than $27.50.

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I don't even have 27.50. All my money goes to food and gas and other living expenses. 

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mine to  !

mine to  !