We will hear that crash with a symbol

If the music dictates

and the hands play the beat

with fingers tapping on steel strings

We might just find we will have

a conversation

I do so hope one of you will whine

with your breath blowing through brass

as you tell me, your story of glass houses



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allets's picture

"steel strings"

heavy metal? Neato write. A conversation assuredly. :)



sootyash's picture


Always enjoy a good musical conversation... Or argument. Either way, if it's in the music, the story will unfold. 

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

georgeschaefer's picture

I like the play with words

I like the play with words using symbol instead of cymbal.  Nicely done!

sootyash's picture

thank you

It's all in the symbolism, right? 

© Sootyash All rights reserved.