We wonder...

If I am the one


For what is it 

That I am chosen for?


I know that I am captain

But what is the mission

I'm hired for?


To greet you all

With love in eyes?


To speak to you

of how I lied?


I did it all 

For the reason

of protecting

all that is... sacred


We are not to be tied

Freedom is our pride

The earth she does provide

We don't need them...



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Topical Write

usa citizens are tied-in to the Kavanaugh confirmation. The American Bar Association has weighed in asking for delaying the vote and getting the FBI to investigate late submitted evidence. Somebody is lying - slc



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someone is lying.


I saw rage in that place coming from the mouths of men. This seems to me beyond just what accusations are set in front of us. There are serious red flags for this man who sits in nomination for a lifetime seat of power.

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