We Are Small.

We are small. 

We are teeny tiny, occupying Earth.

Do we matter?

The vast starry sky makes me feel small. 

My little town makes me feel huge. 

When I look at that night sky, I could weep. 

In fact, I have weeped in its majesty. 

In its impossibility. 

In its magnificence. 

I want to see this world. 

I want to leave it with something. 

That is the most we really can do, isn't it?

Death sweeps their memories away. 

Like something on the breeze.

That is terrifying. 

But we were not meant to last. 

And now I think of my love. 

And who it belongs to and where it lays. 

And I wish for that love to be. 

The man on the moon saw oceans and land and clouds and lights. 

But he also saw all of us. 

Didn't he?

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A part of living. I think that was a woman on the moon looking at us, but I'm partial :D slc



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it is very interesting to

it is very interesting to think baout