I'm Just Human

I try my best to make things right;

every time I try  I fail miserably it just makes me scream, why can't I die?
So many problems all so quick,
So overwhelming I can't breathe.
I try to plan out what to do next,
then before you know it that problem turns into two.
I don't know what you want from me, 
I'm just a human can't you see? 
I'm not perfect, I screw up.
I'm just trying to figure out what to do without your condescending words in my mind flowing to the same hateful tune.
Why do you expect so much from me,
Perfect isn't my destiny.
I'm not meant to be flawless,
I just wish you would accept me regardless.
Don't pressure me, don't keep telling me what I already know.
I'm not stupid, maybe just a little slow.
That doesn't mean I can't fix my problems,
just trust me when I say I'll solve 'em.
I can't handle all this pressure,
my issues don't get better.
I'll try and pretend like they don't exist,
I'll try and forget about all of this.
No one left that I can trust, no one to count on, no such thing as love. 
I will runaway even if it's not right,
I'll deal with you and all my problems some other time. I just need to get some sleep and save what's left of my peace of mind.
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