Path Of Life

We walk down this path,

while our dreams shatter like glass.
We hold onto the memories long past;
the happy times that we want to relive.
We're all living on hope of better days.
The time will come and everything will come undone.
We'll be left all alone just flying in free fall.
Watching the memories we love all slipping out of reach.
I don't want to be hopeless,
I don't want to feel this grief.
Please just turn this all around,
I don't want to keep falling down.
You used to take my hand,
You smiled up at me while we walked alone.
We'd talk and we'd laugh,
Letting go and living life.
Taking it all one step at a time.
Then like a wave crashing down,
My life was turned all around.
You weren't there by my side,
You were gone without a sign.
I had no one to guide me,
no one to trust in.
My voice just one without reason. 
We all dream big,
all of us reach for the stars.
We're told that we can do anything.
All these lies have just been unwound,
please just tell me why.
Just take me back to the days before.
We hold onto what we got,
and then within a blink of an eye it's all gone.
Everything is said and done,
Then we all drift apart,
Left all alone,
walking in the dark,
not knowing where to go.
Then we realize we're left to walk the path of life all alone...
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