A Dark Past and A Brighter Future

I sit in silence,
gazing up at you with a look of defiance.
I open my mouth to speak, but close it quickly as I feel to weak.
I want to say these bold hurtful words,
but picture your expressionless face as I’d sound absurd.
The problems between us haven’t gotten better.
I’ve wrote every issue out in a detailed letter.
Letter upon letter burned with hatred.
As they burst into flames scorching red,
I stare into the flames,
Once again feeling ashamed,
knowing that I should say what I feel 
but if I was to then I’d be admitting my problems were real.
Life throws us so many complications,
but it leads us to all these different destinations.
I want you to know everything,
but to tell you would be confessing,
that I never was quite sure how I felt.
You frustrated me to the point where I thought I would melt.
The next minute you were nice and compassionate.
This led me to believe you were affectionate.
You were there from the start, through the middle to the end that’s when I realized you were the missing part.
Now I sit here looking around, 
At all these twisted lies that were just unwound.
Feeling so lost like I’ll never be found. 
An aching inside yearning for peace,
just waiting for the day for someone to rescue me.
I’m just dust lost in the wind,
don’t know where I’m going
only know where I have been.
There’s so much to do and so much to see.
Why is it that you won’t let go of me?
You know this is what I want to do,
Stop toying with me and let me break through.
I wanna leave this place with only a scar on my face,
so every time I look in the mirror
The reason I left will be clearer n clearer,
You broke me down and cursed me out.
A loveless life just filled with doubt.
Your voice so harsh your skin so thin.
I see why you’re like this I know where you’ve been.
It’s time to let go and just move on,
I want to move forward and I want you gone.
Always remember me and know you’ll be, 
the greatest thing that happened to me.
You proved me wrong you called me out,
on this life I’d made just built up by doubt.
So many flaws and problems I didn’t see,
but you were the one to show me
I’m stronger than this and everything;
and I’ll move on,won’t let nobody bring me down.
I’ll show you I’ll show them all,
No more stumbling I’m not gonna fall.
I’ve hit the bottom and been proved wrong.
I know this isn’t me and it will never be.
It’s time to start a new,
I’ll live life to a different tune.
I’ll conquer all that I face
show myself without disgrace.
So I want to thank you for showing me,
That life isn’t meant to be lived in misery.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After struggling to let go of the past I finally realized why everything that could've gone wrong did; it was to lead to a brighter and better future. To me writing this was a way of accepting the past and in a sense signified a new beginning for me. 

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Dark Past a Brighter Future.



Your writing is certainly very convincing of a troubled situation, full of misery, loss, confusion. I hope that through your poems and life in general you do find a brighter future for yourself.




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Thank you so far it has been

Thank you so far it has been helping and my future icontinuously looking brighter regardless of the obstacles that come up. :)