Whoever... They

Fuck the ice cream man!

And those god damned racecars.

Makin me rush

as the sirens rang...

Black widows...

saying the same thing.

"Let's go for a ride"

the rocking horse sang,

with that voice,

that voice!

driving me insane...


Fuckers really fucked me!

Putting ideas like that in my head.

Making me listen...

So I could forget what truth is...


My head hurts now

after my lack of allowance...


I stuffed it all and denied...

but then I died...


They tried to destroy me inside

And it was working.


I can't be responsible for their crimes

against my heart and inner life.

I care not to point fingers

...as if I honor it


They... whoever they are

robbed me

Of peace of mind


The ones I wish to honor...

are the ones who treated me with love


and the other

Or others...

Should be ashamed of themselves

For fucking with me!

As if I hadn't been through enough in this life.


But it's still not their fault...


It was the flies who told the lies to me


And made me question...





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allets's picture

Rant On!

T he idiots and inconsiderate 

H aters who have no hearts

E ither upside down or

M ostly upside ill, they kill me!


Inspiring. slc






sootyash's picture


I ain't lettin' em kill me. No way! I ain't going out that way. 



Thank you for empowerment us to Rant On! 

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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They hide in the shadows, in wings doing evil things

Just don't loose sight for everything in the dark shall 

Come to the light. Question Everything.

sootyash's picture

For sure...


© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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fuck em  this is dope

fuck em 

this is dope

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Thanks Rose! Eff em...

© Sootyash All rights reserved.