She just has to do something new

Well, something new is blue

it's true

but she doesn't know quite what to do

except to turn herself to you

it's probably in vain

she cannot blame

for memory's a crying shame

she'd run to hide

without her pride

she did not want to be a bride

though she certainly tried

she could not live her life as a lie 

Seemed she'd rather be alone or die

Than to sacrifice her love of life




Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by a painful history

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"New Is Blue"

It is hard to innovate and start a new project. Or orchestrate a life change. It is a surprise, like the Trump administration, a coup d'etat of the imagination, but doable, as we all know. Keep seeking what is in the future, expectations, well, the stuff of dreams and often an over active imagination, or just not in your stars or cards. Love that last line! slc