Welcome to my Tale (Epic Poem)

So, they say and say I am an out of this world woman,
living in a fantasy world.
To them, I am a lost soul,
a continuous dreamer.
One whose so-called fairytales will never speak;
nor, will they have a chance to exist.
Can anyone tell me what they possess, that I don't?
Who are they to say,
a dreamer cannot set foot into reality.
As reality may be a dream
and my heroes have all flourished.
Yet, listening to one's selfish words,
compells me to believe my world does not compare.
So, here I go......
Leaving my presence once again,
without a spoken word.
To the vast field I drift,
full of impatient vision.
The sweet taste of serenity awaits,
for it knows I will soon arrive to a flashback of chivalry.
On and on I go...on and on.
At last! I am here!
Here with your armor to seek such immortal enchantment,
dreams of fire.
I run towards the unfolded view,
into its earthtone colors.
The friendly grass soothe and grab my feet,
with each step I take;
many soft, cool touches.
Slowly falling back,
your tired hands quickly catch with no release.
The scented breeze,
moves gently on my lively skin;
as they were once your caress.
The incense of nature's existence is invigorating,
allowing me to easily close my eyes.
Breathing in your soul,
I am fully tuned out from materialism of new society.
My mind at ease and in full bloom,
I am ready to discover another mystic tale,
with you again.
And with this I shall draw the curtain,
showing them as it appears to us....................
I step into a mythical setting where rich greens blanket the land
and its trees as they tower all around me;
leaving but the echoes of your voice.
Each blow of the winds,
send fine glitter dancing down from the shaken leaves.
Overhead, shines your sword in the stone,
near a calm, clear waterfall.
I motion with the rush of your integrity,
watching its beauty descend gracefully;
smoothing many of the sparkling rocks.
By removing my apparel,
unity has taken over as I permit the fall to cleanse my heart.
Crisp water penetrates my soul with enduring love,
so that you can be no more of an apparition.
Butterflies swirl all about,
painting the scene with all but your honor.
Excitement in my footprints,
lead you to where I am found.
A tranquil nook is where you stand,
receiving the sun's glowing rays.
I am settled in complete bliss,
exploiting my melodic harmony where you again wait for my return;
as I you--------
So, when they say and say,
I am an out of this world woman living in a fantasy world..
I can say and say,
I am a poet who dreams.
Nothing more can be said.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Listening to Florence and the Machine's "Cosmic Love" made the piece come alive!

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life_used_to_be_lifelike's picture

Your poetry is very

Your poetry is very refreshing on this website. It is good to see raw talent again. I've enjoyed your pieces very much, especially this one.
And 2 more points for liking Florence and the Machine.


"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.