"Eleven At Sunset"

eBook (Draft)

She should have laid her

Senses down by the moonlit field

It didn't have to come to this

I embraced her sweetly, set her free

Clay faces framed insincere sighs in ten by tens

Stoned lips flaked from gossip’s high web

And innuendos clearly

Intended to amuse

Little minds


Without suspect she remained

As I caressed her hair

Watching it flow faintly

Around about a familiar

Paradox in all of existence

Want and when?

Where do I follow?

In makes out

Looks so good

To the autumn nakedness

We fake more and more

With our ignorance


One glass stare, half empty

In my subtle thirst

I drank sweet wine, lavender petal pressed

Essence of what would satisfy my tears

Cast valleys

Into rains of bondage

Wiping away your tears

With mine

Freedom which we all sold

For a better shade consequence

That time forgot to tell


At ten to ten

My friend

My own

We can pretend

We can't


All mirrored, lost in dressed up splinters

Pictures never taken place

Spectrum liars vindicated by evident notions

Colors too bored, in a belief beyond desire’s end


Silver shots, an ounce drank to runaway

A mile to come inside

An eternity with a weathered heart

Lithium incense brims

Drank too much tonight my love

Sipped bitter vapor scented potions spent

Perhaps a lot

I did


The closer I sit

The less you expect

The more I give

The less you get


Clouded shutters, shade shy eyes

Opal pearls, treasures cherished

Eleven at sunset came

The 11th hour

Her tearful jesters danced

Too tired

Run the race

Crossed to sleep off

Her hurtful companions

Rusted critical crowns

Brows bent by blindness

Two days

And another

In illusion

In silent passion

Now saves us both

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