"Opposite Code"

Oil springtime roses are black

Nuclear summer sky violets are gray

And if hell was a room in limbo

Then I slept there once


In less than 7 minutes it could be the same

Words are like watercolors

Swimming mad waves in acid rain


In an hour plus 44 you'll be able to see what I said

Acoustic sound is clearer to the human eye

When it's spectrum isn't bent


Tomorrow you'll know exactly what I was doing

It'll be painfully clear then

Like a cold, steel, semiconductor, transformer unit


Everybody is so beautiful

Ugly it, ugly her, ugly him

It's what's inside that really counts, right?

Money is so irrelevant

Bending, choking, straining to count loose pennies


Love is all that matters

As long as there are benefits without any effort

Be nice to everyone now, right?

Mean thought, mean face, mean breath


What did he say? How are the wife and kids, Bill?

Who cares, they aren't mine, yet

Smile this, smile that, smile you

And oceans awake to chaotic conditions

Nothing is wrong, everything right

Paper or plastic?

Remember as you were taught



Insert a sterile, prepackaged, surgical word here

To cut through the stale silence of dead air

And then apply a nice mechanical gesture, to fit in


Let's make up

So no one will find out that we're old

We'll stone the pretty mirrors with our reflections

As a sheep in wolf's clothing devours our fold


I can't flick too well with a palsy left hand

When it's right it reveals some kind of opposite code

Written backwards it will mean the same thing to most

And no one will really know the difference


Right should be wrong

Pretty like sin

Short goes a long way

Love me, hate me

At 3:18AM, the sun will shine anyway


Let's all share our nice things

Need, greed, feed

Greed, need, eat

Seed, weed, meat, need

Plead, knee, deep, heap


Save the world!!!

Kill a tree, love yourself, hug TV, pet your car

Punch a dog, buy Japanese, throw it out

Eat red meat, cough a song

Yell at kids, get your gun


It's contradiction of hypocritical complexities

With two distinct enigmatic, cultured, and soothing natures

Set up as a never-ending hunger knee jerk response

To capture us in a hapless pursuit to consume and crave

Pretty figures, colors, threads, unique faces, diet sodas

Nice cars, fast lives, ease, conformity

And charming strangers


The key to knowing is to watch what has been done

And not to pay any attention to what is being said


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Carmen Benjamin's picture

Wow, that was deep. Enjoyed it very much. Made me think with each word, like watchign a movie over and over again picking seeing new thigns each time you watch it. Loved the hipcrocy in it.