Its How You Make Me Feel


You build me up.

Not to watch me fall,

But to keep me there

Happy as I can be.

You build me up.

You pay attention.

You hear and listen.

It keeps me happy.

You build me up,

Unlike others.

You don’t just hear what I say

You listen to every word

To every detail.

You build me up,

And keep me there.

You think more of me,

Than of yourself.

You learn what you can.

You talk to me.

You know me.

It makes me happy to know,

That you’re interested.

You build me up.

You listen.

You learn.

You think.

I’m Happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its someone can make you feel so happy when you talk to them and get to know them and realize they are just like you.....

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Maxwell Butler's picture

This is a good poem...
in my honest opinion(sp)
i probably would have kept the bodies the same length...
but other than that it is very good ^_^
( oh yeah and i love u =p)