Sometimes words may not seem enough.

The days are hard and the paths are rough;

You feel that you grasp through sinking sand,

And you will never see the Touch of His Hand.

Words are words and that is all you may see.

You want out of bondage and you desire to be free.

God knows your battles and the struggles you face.

He took the stripes, your sins He so graciously erased.

Many years ago on a hill, stood an old rugged cross.

God saw the world, in shackles and incredibly lost.

He poured out his love on those who did not care.

His mercy for a lost and dying world, it was there.

Words weren't enough for him either as he turned His back,

On His only begotten Son, yet this sacrifice was a fact.

To bridge the gap between fallen man and a Holy God,

Who would never again have to rule with wrath nor rod.

What Words would have been suitable as He looked away?

As his Son gave up his life for all on that crucifixion day.

I can't answer what God could have felt that bleak day,

But I somewhat doubt words, would have found a way

Today God speaks through the Holy Spirit and through man,

Who have been inspired, gently follow His will and His plan.

Words may seem empty but they are so full of His power,

Which will help you find answers for each day and each hour.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God called me into an awesome ministry called Life After Abuse and as I have seen the crumpled lives of so many I have also been reminded of the only one who sets the captives free. Words aren't often enough but He will always be our sufficiency.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I really liked this poem. I like how you're not afraid to write about God and the love you have for Him. I also like how you didn't hold back when you were writing and posting. I felt as though God was touching me through this piece and I thank you for the journey.