One day it dawned upon him,

with an almost rude suddenness,

that his reality is his own and his own only.

Ignited within him, a passion arose.

He desired most to explore,

so that he may experience

reality from a vast multitude

of perspectives on the world. 

Perhaps, he thought,

this was the basis for curiosity. 

Then, he wondered if language, art,

and literature were the attempts 

to bridge the gap between realities. 

After all, what else could communicate

the complex thoughts formulated

within each of those minds?

Yet, another thought occurred.

Perhaps this, realized loneliness, 

was the foundation for love. 

For don't we seek to find

the one who sees

reality in a similar light?

And then, a staggering epiphany,

gripped his consciousness.

Could this, isolation of the mind,

not be the meaning of life?

He decided, in that single shocking moment,

that the utter beauty of the world,

with its mammoth array of microcosms,

and the fantastic complexity of the universe,

was too precious not to be witnessed 

by an intelligent being, like himself.

Even, if he was alone in the experience.


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This is a magnificent poem of

This is a magnificent poem of both exquisite verbal beauty and profound, and very sensiblem wisdom.  Reading this, the thought process seems to easy, almost instinctive, because your conversational style in this poem makes it seem so.  Yet most human beings never reach this thought point; it is too difficult for some to comprehend, and the more self-centered simply refuse it because it demolishes their own solipcism.  But you have proclaimed it openly, intelligibly, and, if I may repeat again, conversationally.  This is one of the few poems that I will be bookmarking in my favoritesm as I will want to visit this again and again.


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Life's Meaning

This poem comes as close to my idea of the meaning of life as I have ever read anywhere. "...that his reality is his own and his own only..." I am awed - Lady A



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It would appear the cosmos

It would appear the cosmos wished for an audience to bear witness to its own grandeur,

and something out there granted it.

We'll just keep writing 'til there's nothing left to write.

We'll just keep waiting 'til they read all our works left to right.

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This is a most wonderful

This is a most wonderful cosmology, far better than equations and formulae and coordinates.


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