Don’t you realize

You’ve been made
Like an undercover cop? 
If you do, do you 
Know your creator? 
Does our own know 
Us, we, or I? 
Do we? Do I?
Do I have the ability? 
Am I artificial 
In another’s eyes? 
Nothing more than an idea,
Nothing more than a dream? 
If it’s only now I perceive,
How far behind am I? 
How many questions must I ask, 
How many must I answer? 
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The Answers Come Sudden

Out of a thoughtless

blue or a cold or rain wet

firmament, an answer

arrives and settles

in the mind and lives

there a lifetime.


Lady A




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The answer comes sudden  

We'll just keep writing 'til there's nothing left to write.

We'll just keep waiting 'til they read all our works left to right.