At a limited time people rose to decline

They'd shine for a moment only to ascend

Clawing for a patch of clear sky

Skinny hopes could not make it to the end

Life was without color or greys in between

Man at the helm without light in their eyes

In sickness they'd roll and toil in defeat

In health they'd feign and fall in disguise

Without tact, knowledge, or care

They trail behind them a million broken kings

No story or song in which they might share

A traveling lie grants the royals their wings

And in the tomorrow which we disregard

Those we had worshipped face poison and spear

Reason we've lost at the stake or to the guard

Pool on the ground with their memories and their fear

None can arouse recall or desire

Nothing can conquer their ubiquitous dread

The ship rolls on, maneuvering clouded ire

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Credited to Ventre/Harp.

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angelykdemon's picture

Bravo! I really like the way this was composed; very nice. Your writing reminds me a lot of a band called VNV Nation, maybe you can check out some of their lyrics sometime.