As you turn your back to me

I flounder in philosophy

And as I wish that you would stay

My wise world all turns to grey....

I didn’t mean to offend you,

Ya gotta trust that I am true,

And though I have looked high and low

My self-distorted bleakness shows through

So as you walk away,

I will remember this day,

As I lie awake in torment,

You turn aside from my emplorment

And leave me stranded in love…

Just know I didn’t mean to be cruel

I didn’t mean to seem a fool

I didn’t want it to go down like this

But I guess it did so I’ll say I’m sorry

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this after building up and up to asking a girl out, then getting shot down with the words, "any girl would be lucky to have you, i just don't feel that way about you." ouch...

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Josh Glasgow's picture

I'm sure that would bring a lot of pain and all, and I'd never be up to that. I'd hyperventilate or something. I dunno. But forgive me if I laugh at your anguish. I do that a lot. I find it makes people hate me, but I like to laugh at people. So now it is your turn.